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Ingrid Morrison
30 January 2006 @ 08:10 pm
So Ingrid and Minerva have apologized to each other. Ingrid felt that she should apologize first, as she lost her temper first.

However, something seems to be plaguing poor Elsie. Ingrid goes to help her, but to no avail. The girl gets scared and runs off.
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Ingrid Morrison
29 January 2006 @ 07:53 pm
So it appears as if there has been a potential murder on the Campus of St. Sophronia's.

Chrysanta leaves Adrian Yorke a letter, saying that on Sunday at about 7:00 AM, that something was being planned. And she gives him a Hyacinth to be delivered with it.

Later, Saturday around midnight, Adrian Yorke is in the Rose garden wooing and insulting his silly fiance, Minerva. All the while, Henry Rohan is spying on them, but eventually Rohan is discovered when Minerva leaves. Yorke makes a few threats at Rohan, when Yorke actually gets the balls to put his hands on Rohan. But Dr. Rohan ain't no punk, and he strangles the shit out of Yorke. Yorke begins to flail and punk out, when Dr. Rohan is standing over the little punk. Eventually Yorke grabs for his glasses like a bitch (ooh, what is that gonna do). At this point, Abigail Anderson (the cook) comes out and is wondering what the fuck is going on.

Now Chrysanta is spying on them. She eventually goes out and comforts Yorke. Yorke grabs her and bodyslams her, leaving her unconsicious and on the ground. So now, everyone thinks that Chrysanta is dead. Yorke then takes a bitch move and takes a chance to tackle Henry to the ground, and then Yorke kisses him. Now Whitney Beaufort comes out and gets ready to escort Yorke out. However, Yorke was supposedly on some kind of drug. Eventually, Georgianna Gilbert walks out, and she and Abigail are looking like "What the fuck."

Eventually, Whitney asks "What about killing someone," when Yorke tells him that he didn't kill anyone, but that everyone was attacking him, and then he refers to Chrysanta as "The Devil's Wife." So, this fucks Whitney ALL up, and he runs to the body of his comatose sister.

So Minerva makes her way out in her nightclothes, and notices that Adrian is not well. So Whitney and Georgianna notice Minerva crying over Yorke, as he's completely jacked up. Minerva then starts screaming at Whitney. Whitney starts ordering everyone to get inside, and then he pulls Minerva up and tells her to get inside too. Minerva does more shouting and evetually gets up and runs away. So now we think that Whitney is about to kill Yorke.

So, now Chrysanta is in the infirmary, and Whitney and Dr. Rohan are in the antechamber trying to get over their problems.
In less dramatic Ingrid news - Ingrid's family has shown up, with a handsome stranger...
Ingrid Morrison
27 January 2006 @ 05:01 pm
These pictures make me think of Spilt Milk as soon as I saw them. They make me think of Ingrid's life.

However, some are completely unrelated.

On To the PicturesCollapse )
Ingrid Morrison
27 January 2006 @ 10:49 am

It is during times like these when you know who your real friends are. As I made my commentary, while it was truly rather brash and incorrigible, at that point, I had had enough. As a foreword, I am a woman, and as such, I am woman enough to admit that making loud outbursts and bringing out the skeletons in the closet is not noble. In fact, it is rather low. However, what can you do when you see someone far worse than anything that you could ever attempt at that moment? What is lower is carrying a girl on without loving her. Minerva dotes on Adrian, yet Adrian could care less. While Minerva may be a truly pathetic human being, she is not without my sympathy.

Yet that is not may main point.

What is the matter with the "ladies-in-training" of St. Sophronia's? Perhaps I am just too forward-thinking and overly liberal, but it's about time that the girls of St. Sophronia's bucked up. Life is not a fantasy. It is not some sort of game where all you have to do is be happy and bark orders at people, while all at the same time remaining oblivious, ignorant and blissfully contemptuous of those who you do not think measure up to you.

I am am American. I am a Negro American Woman. I am very proud of this. If the girls of St. Sophronia's have a problem with it, then they are less the lady and the human that I took them for.

There is a time for manners and a time to take action. I care so much for the girls of St. Sophronia's, and I am fiercely protective and devoted to all of them, Including Chrysanta and Minerva. To be angry and have contempt towards me without paying attention to what I said at all is truly baffling.

Yea, I am the one who you ladies may see as a threat to your fragile little infrastructure. And frankly, I do not care. It is time that girls understood that firstly, you are a human being. When you have pepole that care about you, you do not let them sink or swim. You stand up for them, regardless of the cad that may interfere. It took for Adrian Yorke to come into this school to point out what twits, hypocrites and backstabbers that the girls of this school are.

I am curretly soul searching. I know who my friends are. Rude and brash I may be, but I will be the one that makes sure EVERYONE is above water in the end. If something unfortunate were to happen, I would be the one to take the fall for these girls.

Yet true nobility is so unappreciated. It is such a rarity.

One will never be a lady unless she learns how to take the truth in stride. One will never be a lady if she attempts to use her name, race, nationality and her position in life to behave as if they are superior to someone else.

St. Sophronia's needs to start breeding REAL ladies, and not just prim, proper and fragile objects of desire.
Ingrid Morrison
26 January 2006 @ 07:41 pm
Damn man, three posts in one day.

Well, Ingrid got 10 points deducted from Rosalia. I rule. Sorta.

Anyway, Most of the people in Rosalia are looking at Ingrid as if she's a bad guy. But you can't take it away from the girl - she's got balls. Big, steel, balls. (figuratively, not literally)

So, now she's to herself (at the moment, anyway), pissed the fuck off.
Ingrid Morrison
26 January 2006 @ 01:38 pm

And Adrian Yorke has the nerve to get in on the conversation.

If you are too lazy to read the whole thread (shame on you),
1. Ingrid is on to Minerva
2. Chrysanta is attempting to exert some degree of power of Ingrid. (Not gonna happen)
3. Minerva shows up in the Grand Hall with her asshole Fiancee.
4. Ingrid stares Daggers at Minerva.
5. Yorke gets mad and attempts to threaten Ingrid.
6. Ingrid airs all his dirty laundry.
Ingrid Morrison
26 January 2006 @ 10:06 am
So my book came in today.

The Name of it is A Small Nation of People, and it is a set of Victorian photographs of black people. The Icon that I have of Ingrid is from the cover of it.
Ingrid Morrison
24 January 2006 @ 06:50 pm
So Ingrid and Chrysanta have FINALLY had some words.

Rule Number One - Don't ever fuck with a black woman with anger issues. Especially not someone who has no problem breaking people. The other girls in Rosalia might be afraid of her, but Ingrid is not.
Ingrid Morrison
22 January 2006 @ 08:58 pm
So Mme. Chandler thinks that Adelita and Dr. Rohan are an item.

A non-consentual item. Such as - Dr. Rohan took advantage of Adelita and now she's traumatized for life. OMG, she's not drinking her tea!

Let's not forget that Adelita is a machine, and as such, she can't exactly deal with liquids too well.

As far as other shits go, I think that Dr. Rohan and Chrysanta are falling for each other. She is so drugged that she can't even feel repulsed by him (but its either him stiching her hand up or having to deal with Dr. von Goethe (and I don't see why so many people seem to dislike Grace, despite the fact that she acts as if she has been molested in her childhood).

I hope to see what may unfold.
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Ingrid Morrison
21 January 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Here's some tabloids for y'all asses.

So Minerva St. John's fiancee made his way into St. Sophronia's to visit the girl. Now, this man is the equivalent of a modern-day chauvanistic playa - who tries to get into a girl's pants and then moves on to the other. He's none too fond of Minerva, but he sure has some history with Chrysanta May Beaufort.

Meanwhile, while this whole thing is going on, Minerva is denying her friends Keladria and Josephine. It almost has Josephine in tears, whereas Keladria is like 'What the fuck is wrong with her AND him?'

Ingrid watches this shit from the stairwell. She doesn't say anything, and she's stealthy about this whole mess. The Morrisons are one of the most powerful social families in Europe, and Ingrid swears that she has seen this dick somewhere before. She is inclined to go down there and tell this man about himself after his little mistress says some comments about Chrysanta, but she bites her tongue and slinks away.

This shit is about to get thick.