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27 February 2006 @ 07:40 pm
Vingt et un  
Lavinia Mercier got sick from eating a piece of tainted toffee from a few months ago, so Ingrid, Isabelle, Keladria, Odessa and Monika had to help her from the baths to the infirmary. Rohan is helping her get well.

Josephine Cole's family has also visited the school!

Meanwhile, Ingrid is doing a lot of contemplating on not only Minerva's words, but the past incidents have also given her a renewed interest in psychology and law.

Chrysanta, on the other hand, is getting some life back into her body.

Isabelle is also hoping to get something together to get the Rosalia points back. (the thread is protected.)


James Yorke and Guy Clarence Chamberlain are dueling for James's honor, but things aren't looking too good for James. Meanwhile, Ada's first History class was pretty eventful.

And Katherine Little and Grant Doyle, (the new P.E. instructor) have fallen for each other. It's so sweet. (post protected)

However, historical accuracy issues is forcing FT to crack down a little. The Fine Tuning Fatebubble might have to be open for business if the girls want any Yaoi. Everett might get a little bit of a heart. But that only means that he'll make a better greeting to people. He's still an evil bastard, as well as a man of few words.

And I nearly made Whitney have a heart attack! I ought to formulate the million ways that I can offend people who bank on historical accuracy.