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23 March 2006 @ 01:54 pm
I know, I've fucked up. Oh joy. I am supposed to keep the rumor mill going.

1. Chrysanta has woken up, and has been escorted to dinner (in a wheelchair) by a dressed-up Henry Rohan. Elsie is overcome with joy, so she rushes to her sister.
2. Vivian Gets a letter from her family, and she is none too pleased.
3. Elsie, Jane, and Anwen figure out that there are secret passages in the school.
4. Rosaleen has left the school, and now Ellette is the prefect of Rosalia.
6. The Faustina girls are having their own set of issues.

1.The Lazarus Boys are holding their intiations now. Meaning - there are asses getting beat, lots of drinking, and even blood-letting. While it might not be totally historically accurate, you have to remember who you are dealing with. If it ain't right, it ain't gonna be right.
2. Ada held her second class, and has been holding presentations. However, Alden gets mad and reports her. 3. Katherine Little and Grant Doyle did some kissing in the turret. YAY! 4. Everett and Tristan had some words regarding James' ass-beating. 5. James Yorke gets stabbed by Guy Clarence. HAHA! I'll do the links later.