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15 February 2006 @ 09:49 am
The girls have finally gone to Avonborough to go shopping. Ingrid is planning to get Ellette a few gifts for her birthday as well as get a few expensive things for herself.

Meanwhile, Minerva brought to Adelita's attention the whole incident with Adrian. So, as naive as Adelita is, she goes up to Dr. Rohan and asks if he killed Adrian. Dr. Rohan speaks with Beaufort about it.

Also, in more Minerva St. John news, the Yorkes have visited St. Sophronia's to talk to Roseveare about the circumstances leading to their son's 'death'.

So, Everett has gotten into a fight with James Yorke. He went up to the Infirmary bent on starting some shit, when he goes in and slaps the taste out of Yorke's mouth in hopes that he get his shit together (because if you didn't know, James found out the news about his brother.). Of course, that becomes one big fight, and Dante Moriarti sucker-punches Everett, but Everett don't give no fuck! Lucky for James, he got one lick in, and then Everett proceeded to kick his ass.

Lately, James has been getting pwn3d by pretty much everyone. Even Setana beat that ass, and then his dog nearly pissed on him.

And with Ada - Ada got asked out to the St. Sophronia's and Chesterfield's ball that is to be scheduled for a later date by Nikolai Xenofontov, but Ada told him that she doesn't know him well enough. So he got her some white roses in hopes to win her friendship, but Ada doesn't know that.