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Ingrid Morrison
12 April 2006 @ 10:43 am

Ingrid Morrison
23 March 2006 @ 01:54 pm
I know, I've fucked up. Oh joy. I am supposed to keep the rumor mill going.

1. Chrysanta has woken up, and has been escorted to dinner (in a wheelchair) by a dressed-up Henry Rohan. Elsie is overcome with joy, so she rushes to her sister.
2. Vivian Gets a letter from her family, and she is none too pleased.
3. Elsie, Jane, and Anwen figure out that there are secret passages in the school.
4. Rosaleen has left the school, and now Ellette is the prefect of Rosalia.
6. The Faustina girls are having their own set of issues.

1.The Lazarus Boys are holding their intiations now. Meaning - there are asses getting beat, lots of drinking, and even blood-letting. While it might not be totally historically accurate, you have to remember who you are dealing with. If it ain't right, it ain't gonna be right.
2. Ada held her second class, and has been holding presentations. However, Alden gets mad and reports her. 3. Katherine Little and Grant Doyle did some kissing in the turret. YAY! 4. Everett and Tristan had some words regarding James' ass-beating. 5. James Yorke gets stabbed by Guy Clarence. HAHA! I'll do the links later.
Ingrid Morrison
27 February 2006 @ 07:40 pm
Lavinia Mercier got sick from eating a piece of tainted toffee from a few months ago, so Ingrid, Isabelle, Keladria, Odessa and Monika had to help her from the baths to the infirmary. Rohan is helping her get well.

Josephine Cole's family has also visited the school!

Meanwhile, Ingrid is doing a lot of contemplating on not only Minerva's words, but the past incidents have also given her a renewed interest in psychology and law.

Chrysanta, on the other hand, is getting some life back into her body.

Isabelle is also hoping to get something together to get the Rosalia points back. (the thread is protected.)


James Yorke and Guy Clarence Chamberlain are dueling for James's honor, but things aren't looking too good for James. Meanwhile, Ada's first History class was pretty eventful.

And Katherine Little and Grant Doyle, (the new P.E. instructor) have fallen for each other. It's so sweet. (post protected)

However, historical accuracy issues is forcing FT to crack down a little. The Fine Tuning Fatebubble might have to be open for business if the girls want any Yaoi. Everett might get a little bit of a heart. But that only means that he'll make a better greeting to people. He's still an evil bastard, as well as a man of few words.

And I nearly made Whitney have a heart attack! I ought to formulate the million ways that I can offend people who bank on historical accuracy.
Ingrid Morrison
18 February 2006 @ 06:49 pm
Father Greene performed an Unction on the unconscious Chrysanta, and Vivian Merriweather got robbed in Avonborough.

Also, Ingrid and Isabelle are thinking of ways to get Rosalia's points back.

Isn't Yaoi FUN? Guy Clarence and James Yorke did a little bit of kissing in the Central Hall. Alexandra Mayfaire had to break this one up. And being the huge yaoi fan that I am, I've opened up the ftfatebubble community, which showcases fun Yaoi pairings.

Meanwhile, Setana and James got the fighting (again), and Ada had to break them up this time.

Birthday Wishes go out to Ada. She turns 25 today.
Ingrid Morrison
15 February 2006 @ 09:49 am
The girls have finally gone to Avonborough to go shopping. Ingrid is planning to get Ellette a few gifts for her birthday as well as get a few expensive things for herself.

Meanwhile, Minerva brought to Adelita's attention the whole incident with Adrian. So, as naive as Adelita is, she goes up to Dr. Rohan and asks if he killed Adrian. Dr. Rohan speaks with Beaufort about it.

Also, in more Minerva St. John news, the Yorkes have visited St. Sophronia's to talk to Roseveare about the circumstances leading to their son's 'death'.

So, Everett has gotten into a fight with James Yorke. He went up to the Infirmary bent on starting some shit, when he goes in and slaps the taste out of Yorke's mouth in hopes that he get his shit together (because if you didn't know, James found out the news about his brother.). Of course, that becomes one big fight, and Dante Moriarti sucker-punches Everett, but Everett don't give no fuck! Lucky for James, he got one lick in, and then Everett proceeded to kick his ass.

Lately, James has been getting pwn3d by pretty much everyone. Even Setana beat that ass, and then his dog nearly pissed on him.

And with Ada - Ada got asked out to the St. Sophronia's and Chesterfield's ball that is to be scheduled for a later date by Nikolai Xenofontov, but Ada told him that she doesn't know him well enough. So he got her some white roses in hopes to win her friendship, but Ada doesn't know that.
Ingrid Morrison
09 February 2006 @ 01:46 pm
So, Fine Tuning is finally up. Huzzah!

Which means that this journal is now about to become a rumor-mill for FT too.

Now, because of Fine Tuning, SM is running pretty slow today. But goddamn it, I need the passwords for Lazarus and the duties for Ev and Ada.
Ingrid Morrison
07 February 2006 @ 08:34 pm
So the Fausties had a falling out. If only I know what exactly happened. The jist of it is that someone got punched out, and that's all I know. This story is not getting a link because the Faustie dorms are password-protected.

In CM news, Cao Pei En goes into the infirmary and sits by Chrysanta's side and strokes her hand in an attempt to be comforting. However, Aurelie walks in and talks shit to her, and Pei En gets angry. Eventually, Whitney walks in and deducts 3 points from the Philomena and Rosalia cliques because the girls were acting out of pocket. So now, Pei En is talking to Minerva.

And speaking of Pei En, her and Jocelyn aren't feeling each other. Jocelyn is having racial misconceptions of Pei En, and Pei En is getting in her ass.
Ingrid Morrison
06 February 2006 @ 07:24 pm
I swear to god... if FINE TUNING does get up soon, I will trip.

I am going though withdrawal.
Ingrid Morrison
03 February 2006 @ 07:40 pm
So St. Sophronia's is getting a 'brother' school called Chesterfield's School for Young Gentlemen.

If you can't already tell, I'm hella excited.

So, I created two characters, and I am linking to their LJs - ebelvidere and adavalentine

1. Everett is a nutjob with a quirky obsession with Ingrid. Did I mention that he's a future mass murderer or serial killer? Okay, so it's not that insane, but he is the posterchild for Antisocial Personality Disorder.

2. Ada is a history teacher who is the daughter of an ex-slave and her slave master. The Morrisons took her under their wing, to serve as a servant.

Current Music: Rick James - Mary Jane
Ingrid Morrison
31 January 2006 @ 09:12 pm
Minerva asks Ingrid to go to the baths with her so that they can talk. Minerva is in a frenzy, but Ingrid is playing it cool, calm and collected as she always does. So this is bothering Minerva, and is being taken as having no emotion. However, all that Ingrid wants to do is calm Minerva down and talk some sense into her. Minerva also thinks that Whitney killed Adrian, but Ingrid is trying to find the right moment to tell her that perhaps it wasn't him.

And Minerva has also given Mariette a jar of her hair. Mariette takes it as an insult, but eventually gets over it.